2021 | Happy New Year + Resolutions

by - 10 January


Happy 2021-

Wow, it's been a minute since I hopped on here but in the new year I wanted to invest more time back into my blog so I thought, what better way to get the ball rolling than with a post to summarise the year that's just gone and write down some of my intentions for 2021. 

First off, I hope you've been well! I'm not sure how many people read my blog or would chance upon this post but if you're here, I just wanted to say thank you for being here and I'm sending nothing but love your way. 

A Look Back On 2020

I did a little journal session earlier today to celebrate the little wins I had in the last year (inspired by Rowena Tsai's video), and thought I'd share what they were with you.

  1. Working out has become a part of my lifestyle now instead of a chore. I used to exercise pretty consistently back in Perth, but unfortunately I've kinda lost that routine since moving back to Singapore a couple of years ago. Thanks to the combination of quarantine and Chloe Ting workouts, I now look forward to sweating it out a couple of times a week.

  2. I haven't gotten a fever at all this year. This one is pretty huge for me because of how weak I was in health growing up, I would usually get fevers at least two times a year. Thankfully I didn't get super sick last year and I attribute this to having to stay home most of the year, and being able to get the rest I wouldn't have been able to get otherwise. 

  3. More family time. Since we were all made to stay home during quarantine, I've been able to enjoy a lot more time with my family and that has been so lovely. We've definitely created lots of beautiful memories with each other in this one year that I will hold dear to my heart always. I feel like as we grow up and maybe due to work or other social commitments, we start to spend less time with our parents and siblings. So this year, being able to spend so much more time at home with the people that matter was really grounding and healing for me. 

  4. Rediscovered old hobbies. Having all the time in the world at home means having that extra hour or two to explore hobbies that I have otherwise brushed aside under the guise of "being too busy". I'm so glad that in 2020, I started painting and doing art again, read more, journaled and practiced on my ukulele.

  5. Reached 5K on Instagram. This isn't a huge number or by any means something to brag about, but I am genuinely blown away by having so many people interested in what I put out and support me in this journey of content creation. It's definitely a milestone and really showed me that the time, effort and work I put into my photos and feed resonates with others in the world and hopefully creates meaning and joy for the people who support me. 

Hopes for 2021

My theme for this year is self-confidence and ease. Everything I do this year is to contribute to building my self-confidence and teaching me to live more slowly and be more at ease. These two words will be my north star this year, guiding me to create the life I want for myself. I want to be a more confident person and enjoy every day to the fullest. I will embrace a slower pace of life and be present in each moment.


Thank you for starting this year with me. I am grateful for you and have an amazing 2021 ahead x

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