Current AM & PM Skincare Routines in Isolation

by - 08 June

hello~ i hope you've been well since the last time we spoke. something I've been doing more of in quarantine, as mentioned in my previous post, is treating my skin right and indulging in skincare. so I thought I'd share my current routine with you guys! 

my skin has generally been pretty kind to me and I honestly credit it to my mum for teaching me the importance of skincare at a young age. I started doing skincare from ages 13-14 and began going for facials around that time as well. since then, I've been pretty lucky, only getting hormonal pimples during my period and oil bumps here and there throughout my late teens. 

I'm now in my early 20s and my skin condition consists of oiliness around my T-zones and dryness on my cheeks if I don't moisturise properly. if you're also someone with combination skin, this routine would be relevant to you. :) 

Morning Routine

Starting off with my AM skincare — I typically wash my face with water and nothing else in the morning since I don't want to strip my skin of its natural oils. 

I follow up with either Ceramiracle First Light The Essence or Good Molecules Niacinamide Brightening Toner. I alternate between the two since they have different functions. First Light The Essence is a clean-label skin conditioner that I use to soften and hydrate my skin, whereas the Niacinamide Brightening Toner helps brighten my skin (as the name suggests).

Moisturising is at the top of my priority list so the following products are all meant to do just that. I start off with Aprilskin Real Calendula Deep Moisture Essence, followed by the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and seal it all in with the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream.

Eye cream is an integral part to my routine as well — I suffer from dark circles, budding fine lines and the occasional puffiness since stepping into my 20s. The only product I've found to have worked is the Ceramiracle FlowerBerry Eye Illuminating Cream. I love the lightweight texture and how it hydrates and brightens my undereye area.

Finally, the most important part of any AM routine. Sunscreen! I am currently using The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 with Antioxidants. My experience with this so far is that it does leave a white cast upon application, but if you put on foundation afterwards, it settles in quite nicely. I was on the market for cruelty-free sunscreen and this was the first one I found. I probably wouldn't repurchase because it's hard to get an even application on my face. 

Apart from topical skincare, ingestible supplements are a must in my routine. And again, I have to credit my habit and preference for taking supplements to my mum. She used to be in the nutrition care trade and introduced my family to the importance of vitamins and supplements for our health and wellness. Similarly, supplements that help protect and care for my skin are a yes for me. 

In the day, I take Ceramiracle Invi-Sun Skin Supplement to protect my skin against UV rays. As the name suggests, this supplement is a sun care product that act as a shield from the harmful rays from the sun. I take this every morning even while staying indoors — being at home doesn't mean the UV rays don't reach you! 

I follow up around midday with Ceramiracle O'Cali Nature NoAGEs Supplement to help with dealing with the free radicals in my skin. AGEs (Advanced glycation end products) are by-product of the sugar-digesting process. For someone like me who loves my sweets, I can't imagine the number of AGEs I have in my body from all that sugar. So when this product launched, I knew it was something I needed right away. This gives an antioxidant boost to help specifically combat these free radicals in my skin.

Evening Routine 

Moving onto my night time routine, I currently remove my makeup with the banilla co cleansing balm but once this runs out I will be switching to a cruelty-free alternative (which is why I didn't want to highlight it in this post). To cleanse my skin, I use the Glossier Milky Jelly Cleanser. I love how gentle it is on my skin and washes my face without stripping it of moisture.

Next, I use either Ceramiracle First Light The Essence or Innisfree Blueberry Rebalancing Lotion to prep my skin for the rest of my routine. Both products do an amazing job at conditioning my skin, softening it and prepping it for the intense moisturising steps that follow.

Same as before, I start off with Aprilskin Real Calendula Deep Moisture Essence, followed by the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Serum and finish up with the Innisfree Green Tea Seed Cream.

Lastly, eye cream. I never forget this step because my undereye area is easily what I would consider the "trouble area" of my face. As always, I use the Ceramiracle FlowerBerry Eye Illuminating Cream to hydrate, brighten and nourish my eyes.

Can't forget about my skin supplements! At night, I take Ceramiracle First Light Ceramides Skin Supplement as it moisturises my skin from the inside out. With ingredients like phytoceramides and hyaluronic acid known to be extremely hydrating, I honestly think it has helped so much with keeping my skin bouncy and supple. 


And this is it to my current skincare routine. I hope you were able to discover something new and helpful! Let me know if you end up trying out any of the products mentioned. Take care and I'll see you in the soon :) x 

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