5 cafes in Perth I think you'll love!

by - 26 October

It's been almost two months since I got back from my holiday in Perth! If you haven't already seen my vlog of it, you can watch our week in West Aus here. :)

We had such an amazing time recharging our minds and bodies, and for me it was amazing being back in familiar grounds, seeing old friends and revisiting my favourite places.

So instead of doing a recap of the trip which would've been a repeat of the vlog, I'll be doing a breakdown of all the cafes we visited whilst we were there and my reviews of the food and overall ambience of the places this time.

Let's start with day one.

Moore & Moore

The first place we ate at was Moore & Moore! This was recommended to us by Ben's sister and we decided to make it our first stop in Freo. I got a Ham & Cheese Croissant with some tomato salsa on the side and Ben got something with way too much greens (in my book anyway hehe). I had a Matcha Latte, which was so good, while Ben enjoyed his Turmeric Latte.

It was pretty chilly to be sitting outdoors in the morning but they had a couple of heaters around which made it warmer and cosier. This place was dog friendly too! There were many puppers just chilling around while their humans got breakfast and it made our breakfast here so much more fun.

Overall I would rate the food and ambience 4.5/5.

Instagram: @moorescafe
Address: 46 Henry Street, Fremantle

Mary Street Bakery

This was our first cafe stop after coming back from Margaret River. (Side note: we visited a couple of cafes down South too, shall I make a separate blog post on that?)

We stopped by Mary Street Bakery for breakfast on our fourth day! I've gotten pastries from them in the past so it wasn't my first time here. I got a Lemon/ Rose Donut with Pistachio and an Earl Grey tea while Ben got a Chocolate croissant and a Flat White.

We sat outside because it was such a nice day out and we definitely enjoyed some sunshine over breakfast.

I would give this a 5/5! Sweet treats can do no wrong.

Instagram: @mary_street_bakery
Address: Highgate | West Leedy | Allendale Sq | QV1 | City Beach

Gordon Street Garage

Gordon Street Garage is a place I frequented when I lived in Perth. My mum and I would used to come here whenever we were in West Perth. I'm pretty amazed that the place looks exactly how I remembered it to be. From the decor to the menu — nothing seemed to have changed.

We were here for lunch and boy, it certainly did not disappoint! Ben got a classic beef burger while I got a pasta (I can't remember the name of it sorry).  The ambience was a 5 for sure, and I'd give the food a 4.5.

Instagram: @gordonstgarage
Address: 16 Gordon Street, West Perth

Flora & Fauna

Our fifth breakfast spot was a Perth-classic — Flora & Fauna. If you've lived in Perth, this is a cafe everyone knows about. I'm sure if you were to Google 'cafes in Perth' this one would pop up on any list as well. It's located in Northbridge and is almost like a hole-in-the-wall kinda place. You'd order in the little shop and then find a seat outdoors. 

Flora & Fauna is a yummy vegan place with the some of the most beautiful plating I've ever seen. Just look at what Ben ordered! It was a simple bagel with tomato relish and some greens but the presentation was 10/10.

I got a Matcha Latte (as usual) and Ben got his Latte. To be honest, I think Matcha Lattes taste so much better in Australia than in Singapore! I definitely need to go back for more. As for my breakfast choice, I went for a simple slice of Banana Bread. They topped it off with some green apple slices which went really well with the bread. :)

This place was a 5/5 for sure!

Instagram: @florafauna_perth
Address:  4/70 Aberdeen, Northbridge

Someday Coffee Co

The final spot of our week! I got brunch with Jocelyn (@meowjoce) and she introduced me to one of her favourite places — Someday Coffee Co. 

This place was bustling! There were so many people in line, either waiting for a table or getting coffee to go. The food was amazing as well. I've never been to this cafe so it was a pleasant surprise for me. I'll definitely be coming back for more when I revisit Perth. 

I got a breakfast burger with you guessed it, Matcha Latte, while Jocelyn got some pancakes and a coffee. This place was a 5/5 for me. :)

Instagram: @somedaycoffeeco
Address: 445 Cambridge St, Floreat


Okay, I've also decided to throw in 3 other cute spots that are more for desserts or a quick snack. You may want to check them out when you're in town too!


I saw this place on Instagram and thought I'd check it out when I was in Northbridge! The place was super Instagrammable and ended up being as cute as the pictures looked. I got an Oolong with Cheese Cream which was pretty average, but I wouldn't cross it off just yet. I'd love to give a different drink a try the next time!

Instagram: @nobibiperth
Address: 2/189 William St, Northbridge

Chu Bakery

This was my go-to back in the day! Mum and I have gotten pastries from here countless times. Everything looks and tastes amazing — Ben was blown away by their eclair this time too! I got a classic sugar donut which literally melted in my mouth. So good!

Instagram: @chubakery
Address: 498 William Street, Highgate

Chicho Gelato

Last but definitely not least, my favourite ice-cream spot in the city — Chicho Gelato! I always go for the Honeycomb Lavender, but their other flavours are unique and creamy too. If you're in Northbridge I definitely recommend to check this place out!

Instagram: @chichogelato
Address: 180 William St, Northbridge


And there you have it! My 5 (+3) cafe recommendations for your next visit to Perth. Australia has some of the best cafes hands down and that is for sure one of the many reasons I'll always be coming back for more. Let me know in the comments if you've been to any of these or if you have other recommendations for coffee shops in Perth! I'd love to check them out in the future.

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