My Dream Balayage!

by - 03 September

Three Sundays ago, I was invited by THREE Hair Salon to enjoy a hair makeover by two of their stylists and it's safe to say my hair turned out just as I had imagined! Based on all of your guys' Instagram story replies, I know you love this new hair colour as well! 

Before I get into sharing my experience at THREE Hair Salon, I just wanted to give a bit of a backstory about my hair journey. Balayage has been something that I always wanted for myself, but the salons I went to could never quite get it right. Trying to find a stylist in Singapore who could do it well and at an affordable price has been a struggle for me. I've also been greatly disappointed by some of the results at the places I've been to. So you can only imagine how happy I was to finally be able to find someone who could do balayage well.

So even though this is *disclaimer* a hair sponsorship, I am truly happy with how my hair turned out, the service I received during my hair session and I will definitely be recommending them to my closest friends and family. :)

Now that we got that out of the way, here's how I spent my day at THREE Hair Salon:

a final selfie with my old hair whilst on the way to THREE

When you arrive, you can expect to see a very pretty little nook nestled within the HDB estate. Typically salons located in HDB areas are more traditional, catered to the aunties/ uncles, but this space was really modern and cosy, which was a breath of fresh air. What's also interesting is that this salon has almost 30 years of history because it is currently managed by a mother-daughter duo. Their customers range from kids, to teenagers, to young adults and even to aunties and uncles! It's amazing how one salon can bring such a wide variety of people together.

I got to Ang Mo Kio at 10am and quickly got started with a short consultation with Yuki and Vivian, who worked on my hair. Yuki did the balayage and colour whereas Vivian gave me a trim.


Once I got seated, Yuki asked me a couple of questions about what colour I wanted and after showing her some of my hair inspo pictures we were ready to begin. Vivian gave me a haircut to start things off ($38) - she lightened the weight of my hair and cut off my split ends. I felt so refreshed afterwards!

After the haircut, we got started on the balayage - it's a bleaching technique that will give your hair a very natural gradient of dark at the top to light at the ends. I only went for 1 round of bleaching because I didn't want to damage my hair too much, and also the colour I was after was achievable with bleaching just once. 

This process took the longest as each foil was individually wrapped. It took probably an hour to get to all of my hair and another 30 minutes of wait time for it to get to the desired level of blonde.

After that it was time to rinse and voila, my hair was stripped of its black pigment and what's left was a very yellowy blonde. 

After the balayage process was done it's time to get to the colour! I did 2 tone colouring (priced between $218-$258) which gave me a little bit of grey and brown at the ends. They used Japan's Mucota Hair Colour which contains treatment content in the colours so that it wasn't harsh on the hair. 

When the dyeing process was completed, I went for a quick rinse and shampoo and started on the Express Hair Treatment ($98). For me, doing hair treatment is an essential step. It helps to moisturise your hair and prevent protein loss. 

They also used Nanomist to help the treatment penetrate better into my hair, instead of the usual steamer that you'd see in many salons. 

And after 5.5 hours of sitting in the salon, my hair transformation is finally complete!

Ta-da! I was really happy with the end result — it was an ash brown/ grey balayage (scroll down for a clearer picture of the actual colour). The entire experience being at Three Hair Salon was enjoyable and the 5.5 hours spent there went by so quick! They also did a short massage at the end of the session which was the cherry on top.

Thank you to Yuki (left) and Vivan (right) for taking such good care of my hair that day! If any of you would like to try out their services, these are the current promotions you can look forward to enjoying for hair lengths similar to mine:

  • Haircut by Vivian ($38)
  • 1 tone colouring / 1 round of bleaching for long hair ($128-$158)
  • 2 tone colouring ($218-$258)
  • Express Treatment ($98)
If you want to go for what I did which was the 2 tone hair colouring + haircut + express hair treatment, the entire session is priced at $248 nett* which is a massive saving! This price is for any hair length so you won't have to worry about any difference in pricing when you get there.

*Do note that this promotion is only applicable to hairstylists Vivian Ho and Irene Ng.

Three Hair Salon is located at Ang Mo Kio Ave 1, #01-1835 Block 330, Singapore 560330.

Here's a final look at my hair under natural light, they helped me style it in large, wavy curls before leaving the salon. Also, if you mention my name you'll be able to enjoy 10% off any ala carte hair service on your first visit.

Let me know in the comments if you like my new hair and balayage is something you'd want to try out too!

Till next time x

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