Dealing with (Self) Doubt

by - 16 February

For the last couple of weeks I was in some sort of a rut - I didn't feel like what I'm doing with my platform has been giving results and I wasn't sure if certain decisions I made were the right one. Creatively I was really happy with my work. I have been loving the content I create on Instagram and I personally feel that my feed is looking the best it has ever looked.

Yet I was doubtful about other aspects of my content creation journey - whether this was going in the right direction, whether I'm making the right choices by saying 'no' to certain opportunities and whether it was too early for me to be making certain decisions.

Most of the time I try to be an uplifting, motivated and self-encouraging person, but there are times whereby even the sunniest of efforts just can't seem to chase away the looming clouds of self-doubt. Even though I would rather only feel the happy and bright emotions, it is only human to feel the downs along with the ups.

So what did I do? I let myself feel all these emotions instead of locking them up. I was more tired than usual, but at the same time I allowed myself to take that time off to recharge and refresh my mindset. Slowly, but steadily, I felt my mentality shift and that things were starting to pick up again.

For me, what has helped me in finding my mojo is listening to podcasts that share what other content creators have gone through, reassuring me that it is okay, and normal, to feel doubtful about the future even when it all seems to be going swimmingly; watching Youtube videos from people who constantly hustle, people who share insights and practical tips to help others get out of their rut.

I've been listening to Julie Soloman's The Influencer Podcast, Steph Taylor's The Socialette Podcast and watching Vanessa Lau on Youtube. I find that learning more about things that help better my craft gets me excited to work harder and inspires me to keep at it.

So in return, I would like to share with you guys some of the things that has made dealing with self-doubt a little bit easier, in case any of you guys are feeling the same way. Know that even if things may seem bleak or uncertain, you will get to where you want to be if you believe in yourself and keep on striving towards that goal. We're all in this together, and as always, if you need a friend, feel free to DM me and I would love to be your listening ear.

Thank you guys for the constant support and for all my gal pals who are on the same journey, you are doing amazing and I believe in you!

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