All These For Under $80! Kmart Haul

by - 27 January

Prior to Sydney, the last time I stepped into any Kmart was probably a little over 2 years ago. Going shopping in Kmart brought back memories from when I used to live in Perth, and my mum and I would find ourselves in Kmart every other weekend - 9 out of 10 times we would leave with something we didn't intend to buy too haha.

This time we had about 45 minutes and I was genuinely blown away by how affordable and aesthetic the things they were selling in Kmart were! That was honestly not what I remember Kmart to be like 2 years ago so I went all out and tried to grab as many things as I needed (okay, maybe it's more of wanted) and thought of sharing what I got with you guys!

So the first thing I got is this Stay Magical (1) art piece ($7 AUD) which I absolutely love. I was torn between this one and another leaf-printed piece but this one was 100% more me so I had to get it. I like that there's a quote on it - which kinda serves as a self-reminder when I get too used to the monotony of everyday life.

I was contemplating on whether to get this weekly planner (2) or not since I already had a planner/ agenda and a monthly pad. But this was only $3 AUD so I decided to get it anyway - and I'm so glad I did because it's so cute and will come in handy when I need it like in the next few years haha.

I am a total sucker for stationery and notebooks - and these scrapbooking letter stickers (3) were only $3 AUD each! I wanted to get more but okay I stopped myself before I went down that rabbit hole.

I was honestly shook by how aesthetic the notebooks have become in the 2 years that I've been gone? These literally look like they could be sold at Kikki K. or Typo for easily 5 times the price. These four notebooks (4) came as a set and I think they were only $5 AUD or something. *inserts a jaw dropping emoji* 

The next couple of things I got were a pink tray (5) to spice up an otherwise simple area in my room, some cute hair ties (6) and another weekly planner (7) because one just isn't enough. I've already started using the hair ties and you may have seen them on some of my Instagram posts. They really help make an outfit extra cute - they came in a set and was only $3 AUD or something like that. As for the tray, it has been really helpful in keeping my space tidy, plus it was a couple of dollars as well.

The last things I got are some workout clothes from Everlast - it's a simple black top and some neon peach shorts that totalled to less than $20 as well. :)

If you guys enjoy hauls on my blog feel free to let me know! You can always DM me on Instagram (while I try to get this comment section working).

As always, thank you for coming back to read my posts and I hope you have an enjoyable rest of your day! x

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