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by - 27 November

This Black Friday I went all out!! I'm so excited about the things I got so I thought I'd share it with you guys too. A bunch of them are online orders that wouldn't get here till a couple weeks later so for those I'm going to just use photos from their respective websites to show you guys what they are.

If you're interested in getting any of the things I got, I'll have them linked as I go along. :)

Brandy Melville

Striped $14 (U.P. $28)                     Gingham $11 (U.P. $22)

I couldn't find links to these tops on the Brandy Melville USA website so unfortunately I can't link them for you. It was already the second day of the sale when I dropped by the store so there weren't many sale items left. I'm glad I managed to find 2 that I liked and these are some pretty cute cropped tops that I can't wait to style!

Discount on these: 50% off


$25.19 (U.P. $50.37)

I've been meaning to get myself a good pair of black denim shorts and so when Black Friday came around this was one of the things I had my sight set on finding. Thankfully, I found this pair on ASOS for 50% off. It's an ASOS Tall cut but I figured since this was a mom short I could do with it being a little longer than usual for that relaxed 90's fit. The one I got is the denim Ritson mom short in washed black. Fingers crossed it fits!

Discount on this: 50% off

Cotton On

$19.97 (U.P. $39.90)

I have been seeing this blazer in stores ALL the time but I never got around to making a purchase because it was almost $40. But this Black Friday, it was on sale for 50% off and also was available in my size so I had to grab it (right?!). It's completely sold out on Cotton On's website the last time I checked, but I did find a listing on Zalora.

My Cotton On order also comprised of a couple of things from Cotton On Body & Typo (since they're under the same parent company) but I've split them up according to each individual brand for easy reference.

Discount on this: 50% off

Cotton On Body

$16.95 (U.P. $11.86)

From Cotton On Body, I only got one bralette. I love love love their bralettes but I already have too many so I exercised some self-restraint and only got one of the Candy Everyday Bralette in Butterscotch.

Discount on this: 30% off


$19.90 (U.P. $39.90)

This was for a really good deal so I had to share it with you guys even though technically, I didn't buy this for myself. My sister actually got it for me as my early Christmas present! A fun fact, we ended up buying one for every member of my family (parents, grandparents, my sis). We now have matching fleece jackets hehe.

The colour I got isn't available online though, it may have been an in-store exclusive I'm not sure. But it's the Fluffy Yarn Fleece Full-Zip Jacket in Beige (a darker brown shade than the one online) and guys, it's the SOFTEST piece of clothing I've ever laid my hands on. 

Discount on this: 50% off


$120 (U.P. $240)

I got two pairs of Ray-bans during the sale, but one of them's a gift so that's why this is the only one I'm sharing in this post. For myself, I got the Ray-Ban Hexagonal Flat Lenses RB3548N Sunglasses with their signature green lens in size 54. I have been DYING to get these since I saw them on Sammy Robinson and this came at such a steal! Zalora has it listed at the original price of $240 but I got it at just $120.

Discount on this: 50% off (?)


I wait allll year just to get the biggest savings on Colourpop! I combined my cart total with a colleague to hit free international shipping, but my own total came up to just $17.50 USD. And I got a total of 4 items!! 

                                  $4.20 USD (U.P. $6)                         $6.30 USD (U.P. $9)

I've been meaning to get myself a brow gel so I decided to try out the Brow Boss Gel in Dark Brown. The No Filter Loose Setting Powder in Translucent is also a first for me! I didn't have a backup loose powder in my stash so it was a good time to try this one out. 

                                       $3.50 USD (U.P. $5)                           $3.50 USD (U.P. $5)

I've used the Precision Brow Pencil before and this would be my third time restocking on these! It's really handy and works great when it comes to creating the shape for my brows. I got it in Black N' Brown. As for the Super Shock Shadow, I have heard amazing things about it but haven't gotten my hands on one so this was the perfect opportunity for me to get one for myself! I'm short of an orange shade in my eyeshadow stash so I got this in the shade Bubble Bee.

Discount on this order: 30% off

And Well Dressed

$13.50 (U.P. $15)

This is my very first time shopping from And Well Dressed - they are a local fashion label but instead of buying clothes I got a calendar! This is a 2019 Calendar that features rescue kitties from a shelter here in Singapore and all proceeds from the sale of this calendar go straight to them. I've been looking for a desk calendar for my room so this was perfect for me. If it was any other calendar sold at a price of $15, I probably wouldn't have gotten it. But knowing that all proceeds of this one go straight to the Cat Welfare Society made the decision to buy it a quick one for me.

Discount on this: 10% off


                                         $8.99 (U.P. $17.99)                        $5.99 (U.P. $10)

The first thing I got was this really cute mini Christmas tree! I needed it as a shoot prop at work so I decided to add it to my cart since it was a steal. The next thing I got was another 2019 calendar but this was for my desk at work (the previous one was for home use). 

$11.89 each (U.P. $16.99) 

These are actually Christmas presents for myself and Ben! We kinda picked them out together since a planner is something you'd be using for the entire year it has to be something we both really liked. No points for guessing whose is whose. ;)

I also got a Christmas card & a small gift for Ben (he sometimes reads my blog) so to keep the element of surprise I won't be showing pictures of these last two things.

Discounts on these: between 30% - 50%


From iHerb I got my colleague who's a veteran shopper on there to help me get a bottle of probiotics and a packet of organic dried mangoes! I'm not sure what brand she got for me so we'll have to wait till the order comes to find out.

And thaaat's it! I have to say this is all the shopping I'm gonna do for literally the next year till Black Friday 2019. I'm really happy with everything that I got! Let me know what you guys got too, I'd love to know. :)

Till the next,
Michelle x

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