self-care for a sick day

by - 08 November

Funny story: me falling sick two weeks ago actually inspired this post. It reminded me of how we (but really me) should take better care of ourselves and our bodies on the daily.

I thought I'd share with you guys some of the things I did while I was at home resting that helped me feel better both physically and mentally; and hopefully if you're feeling under the weather these can help you too.

1. Emptying my mind

If you know me, then you'd know that my mind literally never stops running. It's always go, go, go! even when I'm supposedly resting. So, you can probably imagine how difficult it was to completely clear out my mind and not think about everything else that I should or could be doing. 

But for the few days I was at home, I had to consciously get myself to unwind and literally be thinking of, well, nothing. This helped give my mind a break and that in turn allowed me to get myself back to being happy and healthy, both physically and mentally.

2. Drinking lots of tea

I've always been a tea drinker, whether it's a morning cuppa to get the day started, or one in the evening to get myself ready for bed.

With the flu virus making my body feel all sorts of terrible when I was sick, the tea really helped warmed me up and kept me feeling cosy. 

If you're curious, I usually go for an English Breakfast or Earl Grey in the morning, then in the evenings I lean towards some floral tea, green tea or Chinese tea. 

3. Have candles burning

I always look forward to lighting a candle when I get home after work. So while I was sick at home, I really enjoyed being able to have a nicely scented room all day. It helped to make the sickness a little more bearable.

The one I currently have burning is the Lumiere Jasmine and Rose from Morgan & Finch - and it smells so good! I got it from Bed, Bath N Table at Suntec City.

4. Doing the things you enjoy doing (without feeling guilty)

A lot of times our bodies respond directly to how we are feeling mentally. If you've been stressed for a long period of time, the likelihood of that taking a toll on your body is probably pretty high. At times like these, what we really need is to wind down, take some time for ourselves and do the things we love. It's easy to feel guilty about spending time doing something that isn't work or school related but there are times that you have to just let yourself breathe. 

For me, I committed to being a couch potato and binged on all the Youtube videos I've missed as well as caught up on the latest episodes of the shows I love (which I have listed in my previous post). What really surprised me was how rested and recharged I felt after. I guess sometimes allowing ourselves to do what we want and even for a moment forget about that never-ending to-do list, helps in more ways than we would think. 


So, these are the few things I did to take care of myself (besides getting some sleep and taking medication that the doctor prescribed) that helped when I wasn't feeling 100%. Whether you're worn out from the day-to-day routine or sick from a bug/ virus, I hope you find something that may help you feel a little better too! 

Till the next,

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