October recap 🍂

by - 27 October


This past month I started getting more into astrology and I think the stars tell us a lot about ourselves. Of course, my sister challenges this belief and says that this is pseudo-science. But for me, it's kind of like a guide, helping me better understand myself.

Currently, we are in Scorpio season, but the last month also overlapped with Libra season.

Here's what I found on what we can generally expect when the sun is in Libra:

"Libra might be the sign of balance, but it lives for drama! We can't have the light without the dark, and this season, as the day and nights are balanced, we're asked to accept and love all sides of ourselves." - Broadly.

This describes October for me to a tee. But now with Scorpio season in full swing, the emotions and events brought about in the Libra have thankfully come to an end.

And this is what we can expect of ourselves in the weeks to come.

"Scorpio season also turns you into an investigator, looking to find the deeper meaning in everything and dead set on discovering what motivates your words and actions. Scorpio is often called the sign of death and transformation, which ties into the sign's introspective qualities. Think of Scorpio season as a time of regeneration where a part of you dissolves and is reborn, like a phoenix, forming a better version of yourself." - Cosmopolitan

I've always been interested in astrology, but only in my own sign and those of the people closest to me. Last month however, I started looking into other signs as well as the entire concept of a natal chart. It got me thinking about how much of myself I have yet to decipher and reading about my chart really deepened my understanding of myself in some way. I learnt about the Moon sign, Rising sign, and what they meant. This gave me answers to parts of myself that I always wanted to make sense of - why I would act a certain way in some situations or how I can cut myself some slack for not being who I think I should be.

There's so much more to learn about the stars and about ourselves. The complexities of a human personality can't be explained in a single sign, that's what makes the natal chart so interesting. It's the fact that all these stars were in that exact position in the sky the moment you were born, and that determines what kind of person you are.


I'm kicking myself into gear with being consistent on my blog! I bought a domain name, which solidifies my commitment to regular blogging. I talked about it more in my previous post so I shan't dabble on. But this gets me so excited about November and the content I've planned!


Okay, this is probably the best thing that happened all month because all the tv series that I watch started their new season in October! I'm currently watching The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow, Legends, and Riverdale; on top of a couple of new shows namely Legacies, Titans and Manifest. I also binged Season 1 of Cloak & Dagger - it has surprisingly sneaked its way into being one of my favourite series. Also, Fairy Tail FINALLY returned with a new season after an almost 3 year long hiatus. So of course I have been watching that too. Shows wise, October has been great to me.


Just a quick three-pointer of what October looked like for me. I'm so ready for November, December and the holiday season ahead.

Also update! I'm finally back at 100% after being sick all of last week. That actually inspired my next blog post so definitely stay tuned.

Till the next,

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