September recap 💫

by - 28 September

Today is September 28, and we are only a little over 3 months away from 2019. That is so insane to me. With every year that passes, I only feel that time seems to fly by quicker and quicker.

Maybe it's because as we age we become more aware of the concept of time. For me, maybe it's because I started working full-time. Which means no 'semesters' to break up the year, or 'summer holidays' to look forward to. The whole year seems to be mushed into a singularity.

So I thought it'd be good to start doing a monthly recap of what happened, to be refreshed of the good and bad, and any changes I've made to my lifestyle.

Here comes September's:


This month I started off my signing up for Classpass, which essentially is a subscription service that allows you to visit various studios and gyms around Singapore to go for different workout classes. This has actually been an amazing change to my lifestyle as I can say I've been working out more regularly than before. As a working individual, I start to find it more and more difficult to have the determination to work out when I'm at home, because all I want to do is just rest and recharge after a long day at work. So signing up and going for yoga/ zumba/ pilates classes actually forces me to get some exercise in instead of heading home and curling up into a ball in my bed as soon as I can. It's been really good for my overall wellbeing so far and it's definitely something I will keep at if I can.


Speaking of exercising, Ben and I have somehow started a thing of playing badminton together every other weekend. We've already done so for 2 weekends, and we'll be going again this weekend.


The next thing was actually from August, but it's actually really important to me which is why I'm going to side track a little and add this in.

I went on my first business trip to New York! 

It's my first time travelling to anywhere without my family/ ben, and also my first time going to a place for business. My company sent me there for the Indie Beauty Expo and it was such an amazing experience. Not many people get to travel in their first year of work, and I'm grateful for this opportunity to expand my professional experience and also to grow into being a tad more independent. I'll do a recap of this in a separate post, but just thought I'd throw this point in here.


My month was complete with 'What's Wrong with Secretary Kim'. I haven't found myself loving a drama so much in a long time! The last drama I fell so in love with was probably Goblin or Legend of the Blue Sea. This show was lighthearted throughout but also had underlying themes that were thought provoking. I actually laughed out loud numerous times and couldn't help but went "awww" at many parts of the drama too. I would recommend everyone to watch it - it really is that good!

That about sums up my September of 2018 - would love to know what you guys get up to as well, leave me a comment or send me a DM on IG @lemielch.

Till next time,

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