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by - 28 August

Seoul was a dream - 8 days of revisiting places we've been to, exploring new neighbourhoods and eating lots of dessert.

I promise I started writing this post once I got back at the end of June but somehow, as you guys probably already know, life got busy and since then I've been to 2 other countries and have got even more content to share!

But for now, just like what I did for my America trip, I'll be sharing what I wore on each day and recap a little about what we did as well. :)

// Day 1 Landing in Seoul

We checked into our hotel in Edae and ate dinner in the area before having an early night!

// Day 2 Haneul Park + Zapangi

We started off the day early and went a little out of the city to Haneul Park and it easily is one of the best takeaways of the trip because it was so healing to be in the endless fields with no buildings - just natural landscape and blue skies surrounding us.

After which, we visited Zapangi - it's an instafamous cafe that has a vending machine for a door! How cute is that.

In the evening, we enjoyed the sunset and music by Han River and it was so cool to be amongst locals enjoying their Saturday evening.

Top: Na-kd Fashion
Skirt: Taiwan
Shoes: Adidas Superstars

// Day 3 Gyeongridan-gil

We had Isaac Toast for breakfast! And it was so good.

This morning we headed to Gyeongridan-gil, which was a neighbourhood that hasn't yet been flooded with tourists. It had so much character and the countless aesthetic cafes swept us off our feet. I also got myself a very special necklace here and got a discount because they were having a promotion for people born in 1996.

We moved from a quiet neighbourhood to one of the most bustling spots - Myeongdong! Visited the Stylenanda Pink Hotel for the first time, ate tons of street food and went home with a good amount of shopping.

Top: Pull & Bear
Skirt: Yishion
Shoes: Adidas Superstars

// Day 4 Nami Island

We spent the entire day exploring Nami Island, it was all of our first times here!

The rows of pine trees and abundance of nature was breathtaking, we all enjoyed the afternoon very much.

Dress: Something Borrowed

// Day 5 Cafe Hopping - Onion, Marymond, Commonground

Onion was an industrial looking cafe, with exposed brick walls and had an overall rustic aesthetic.

Marymond was a preppy store/ cafe with stationery, clothes, bags that serves floral teas.

We visited Commonground too and grabbed lunch there as well as did some shopping.

Then we ended off the day with a short visit to Garosu-gil. It was a rainy day.

Headband: Uniqlo
Top: Seoul
Jacket: Cheep
Jeans: The Editors Market

// Day 6 Insadong, Samcheongdong, Palpan-gil, Hongdae

We walked around the Anguk Station area all day today.

Starting at Insadong, we walked past the streets selling antics, traditional goods and souvenirs.

Samcheongdong was a place I explored alone two years ago, and so had a special place in my heart. I loved this artsy district so much!

We made our way to Palpan-gil, which was a cafe filled street. Honestly, every cafe you step into in Seoul is so gorgeous that you can find a photo-op everywhere.

In the evening we got dinner at Haha's restaurant! KBBQ is always good.

Top: Pull & Bear
Shorts: Temt

// Day 7 Hongdae

In the morning we helped my sister move into her dorm and home for the month.

We headed to Hongdae in the afternoon and I very excitedly got to visit Bi-Stopping and got myself and the fam their unique and delicious cones! Mum and I got yoghurt ice cream, while Crystal got a milk one.

Top: Supre
Jacket: Cheep

// Day 8 Last day!

One last morning in this beautiful city - mum and I had already bid Crystal goodbye the night before and did a quick round around Edae before heading to the airport.

Top: Seoul
Pants: Seoul
Scarf: Lulus
Shoes: Adidas Superstars


And that's it! This was a recap of my week in Seoul. Korea is a country where I wouldn't mind going back every few years. It's so charming and I can't wait for the next trip back.

Till the next,

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