a forward thinking mindset

by - 30 May

I don't totally know where I'm going but that hasn't stopped me before.

My last post was already a month ago - how time flies. I've been meaning to write up a post but things always seem to get in the way, or I just got too busy.

Today I decided that if I wanted to make blogging something that is going to be purposeful and enriching, not just to myself, but everyone who reads it, I have to get started instead of waiting for the right time.

Speaking of the "right time", I'm going to side track a little and talk about this. The concept of doing something at a specific time by giving the excuse of it being the right time, is something that honestly does us more harm than good.

When is it ever the right time? The answer is simple, that time is now.

When we give ourselves the excuse of waiting for the right time, we are stopping ourselves from committing to something and going for it. We are allowing our fear and hesitation to take over, instead of overcoming them and taking the first leap. If I'm going to be committed to updating regularly, I'm going to have to stop waiting for that right time.

Now, this goes hand in hand with what I wanted to write about today - a forward thinking mindset.

So, what is forward thinking? Google's definition is: favouring innovation and development; progressive.

To me on the other hand, this means to always be thinking about what do I want to do next, where do I want to be and who am I working towards becoming. (Fun fact, Ben is actually the one who reminded me of the importance of this phrase.)

Currently I am dealing with some things on my own and not gonna lie, it really is starting to overwhelm me. I find myself drowning in my thoughts and not being able to breathe.

What I've come to realise about this is that the reason I'm feeling this way is because my mind is stuck in the past and I am not being present. I've been hung up over things that happened in the past and truth to be told, I've also been revisiting my mistakes/ regrets way too often especially over the past few weeks. This is so unhealthy and not beneficial at all to progressing and being a better version of myself.

Ben's timely reminder really struck a chord and got me thinking about how I've lost sight of being forward thinking and progressive.

As people, we are constantly evolving and so we should seek to be always improving and bettering ourselves throughout the span of our lives. When our minds become entrapped by the past, that's when we are unable to move forward and instead start going into the black hole of "I wish I had done this differently" and "I shouldn't have said that".

Sure, you've made some mistakes and some things could have been avoided. But what is life if we don't learn from these hiccups and work on ourselves so they don't happen again?

We shouldn't be too hard on ourselves over the things of our past or let it define us, as long as that is no longer who we are today.

It is what it is.

If you can come to terms with letting the past be the past, that's the first step to having a forward thinking mindset. The past should not affect the present; it is important to learn from the lessons of the past, but it is not the instrument for us to lead our lives today. We must not let it dictate our days, neither can we let it consume us.

To fully be free of the constraints of the past, I am going to be conscious about having a forward thinking mindset. To be progressive and work on self-development rather than let myself be sucked into the things that have passed. My past should not have the power to affect me, and your past should not have the power to affect you either.

That's all from me today, once again I resolve to do my best from this moment on. We can do it!

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