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by - 16 April

hey sunflowers,

i decided to give a little shoutout to the youtubers that's been making my days better and those that i've recently been loving to watch (and also a couple of all time favs).

read on if you're keen to know who i love and leave a comment if you love them too!

1. Jess Conte

credit: @jess

she literally is the most perfect, humble and darling youtuber ever! i've been watching her and gabe even before they got married. i love her videos on her channel, but their vlogs are honestly what makes my day - i always tell ben that our relationship is kinda like theirs hehe. i really like how her videos are always so personal and it feels like you're watching a friend almost.

2. Jenn Im

credit: @imjennim

i've been watching jenn since 2015? i love her styling videos, her makeup looks and i especially look forward to her favourites videos because they always have amazing recommendations. she's one of the most eloquent youtubers out there and i find myself always picking up on a couple of new words from watching her videos.

3. Tess Christine

okay, tess is another one of my ALL time favourites. if i had to pick one person to swap wardrobes with for the rest of my life, i would 100% pick hers without her doubt. i love not just her videos but her instagram photos are life! i've been watching her for years and when i was in new york i so badly wanted to run into her but spoiler, i didn't. also, her short hair is inspiring me to get a chop too so...

4. LaurDIY

credit: @laurdiy

i think i only started to watch lauren's videos towards the end of last year but i think it's her bubbly and ever cheerful attitude in her videos that always make me want to click her video to watch first amongst the others in my subscription box! i'm not a big diy person, but i do enjoy crafts here and there and she is soooo good at them. it's really satisfying to watch something be transformed or come to life through her diy.

5. Sian Lilly

credit: @siannlilly

she's my current FAVOURITE uk youtuber omg i love the way her she films her videos and i honestly think she's so cool and her style is so bomb. i could never pull off her style of clothing but i love seeing them on her! she's really chill in her videos and super relatable.

6. Hana Lee

credit: @hanaylee

i love her style of makeup and her video editing is really cute and unique. she talks about kdrama and anime (which i relate to SO much). i love her clothing style too!

7. Jessyluxe

credit: @jessyluxe

i absolutely love all her makeup looks! they are always so peachy and glowing and it's totally my vibe. i really enjoy the way she edits her videos too - it's super aesthetic and she takes really amazing selfies like literally the best selfies hands down. i almost always pick up a tip or two from her videos.

8. Joycebean

credit: @joycebean

i just really love her videos because of her personality i think - it's so refreshing to watch someone who keeps it real and unfiltered but also provides good content! i just love watching her talk and her style is so good too.

9. Kristin Johns 

i started watching kristin from her first ever video, so you know how much i enjoy her kindred spirit and soft soul. i found her and marcus through jess & gabe's video two years ago and have been following kristin ever since! she's got such a beautiful heart and her vibe is so comfy, cozy and literally all i want to be. her videos have got a homey feel to them which i like and she is always so sincere and genuine. 

10. Weylie

credit: @weylie

okay i'm gonna stop at 10 today because i literally can go onto 20. 

last but definitely not the least is weylie! i think i've been watching her since she had ash grey/blonde hair and her videos are always so informational and down to earth. i love her vlogs with wah too and her current home/ her life/ her pets/ her style pretty much everything is my life goals. i would love to meet her one day!


& that's 10 of the youtubers i'm loving, i want to fit so many more in this post so i'm really thinking that i might need to do a part two of this.

it was fun writing out what i love about the youtubers i watch and why i love their videos - they really inspire me and make me want to live every day to its fullest.

till the next x

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