most surreal moment: meeting jenn im 💖

by - 30 April


Okay. That's Jenn and next to her, that's me!

Honestly I was just writing my blog post about my favourite youtubers two weeks ago and yesterday (29/4/2018) I actually got the chance to meet her.

I am so grateful and thankful for this possibly once in a lifetime experience; this came totally unexpected and it was something i didn't even imagine would happen.

Here's the story:

Etude House held a lucky draw type of thing whereby if you spent >$50 in the month of April, you're automatically entered into the draw to meet Jenn. My sister and I went shopping so that we could enter the draw. Fast forward to results day, my sister got chosen and I didn't. I was ecstatic for her, but of course a little bummed that I wasn't picked.

On the day of the Meet & Greet, I made a new friend while watching Jenn from outside the Wisma flagship store. While we were being sardined in the huge crowd, we made another friend, whom we rescued from being stuck in the middle of the crazy traffic outside Etude House. The three of us kinda became a team, and so when the organisers announced that they will be opening a public queue to the first 50 people, my first friend braved the crowd and brought the two of us all the way to where the queue started. Amazingly, the three of us actually got into the line to meet Jenn.

At this point i was literally shaking because 1) this came totally unexpected and 2) I couldn't quite register the fact that I was about to meet Jenn Im! Throughout the entire waiting process I was almost to the point of hyperventilation and when it was actually my turn, I ended up being at a lost for words.

All i managed to say was "hi! i love you!". The entire meeting process was probably less than a minute, but in that short amount of time I could really feel Jenn's sincerity in thanking everyone for coming out to meet her, as well as how sweet and genuine she was as a person. Unsurprisingly, she is as beautiful in person as she is on camera, and this experience is definitely one for the books.

This is probably one of the only "fan experiences" I've ever had and I'm really glad that it was with Jenn. I learnt a lot about makeup from her, and she was one of the first few youtubers that I started watching back when I first got into youtube. It was incredible being able to meet someone who inspires you so much, knowing their journey to getting to where they are today.

I am also really glad that I managed to write down this entire experience before it gets pushed further down my memory chambers. And I am inspired to create more content in the months to come.

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