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by - 07 December

Hello friends~

I've been on the ball lately with getting makeup/ skincare stuff that are cheaper in the states or stuff that I can only get here. Since I have a couple of things to share, I decided to collate them and make it into a haul.

These are just stuff that I bought prior to the black friday period! (p.s. This would be my first black friday so it was really exciting for me whee.)


shade: romantic rose

Okay, so I got this like 3 weeks ago and I've been using it ever since. It's the PRETTIEST colour ever, I'll include a selfie I took with this blush on:


I first heard about Milani's blushes through a youtube video a few years ago (I can't remember whose) but when I checked it out back then they only shipped within US. You can probably imagine my excitement when I saw this at Walgreens so I got it without a second thought. And I managed to save $2 with a coupon!


Thinking back, I've never had a blush brush. I usually use my fingers for blush (oops) and after getting one it has actually changed my life. I use it together with the Milani blush and the effect is A+. It was only $2.99 if I remember correctly!


This was a new find - I needed a new body lotion because the one I brought over ran out. Since it's currently winter, my skin has been really dry so I moisturise my whole body every single day with this and it seems to lock in moisture pretty well. Usually I'd prefer scented products, but this one was fragrance free and I'm quite enjoying the change. It has oatmeal in it to nourish the skin and is non-greasy which I love as well. 


Similarly, I ran out of serums which was why I ventured out and got something new to try. To be honest, I was first attracted by the cute little booth and packaging of the Botanics range. Their products are mostly infused with flowers and I absolutely adore anything that's got any type of flower in them. This serum contains clary sage and as its name suggests is meant for dehydrated/ sensitive skin. My skin isn't too sensitive but I picked this one over the rest because I needed one that was hydrating for the drier climate.


Onto another item I got from the same range, this toner contains hibiscus and of course I was sold. It's so pink! I'm not too fussy when it comes to toners - this one is pretty basic and is meant for all skin types. So far, so good!


Lastly, I picked up some cleansing facial wipes as well because there was an offer where if you got 3 items, the cheapest item would be free - so of course I had to snag that deal and get something else to make the 3. The Innisfree wipes I brought with me ran out as well, so I went ahead and picked up this one from Simple Skincare. Jenn Im always talks about Simple and it might as well be time for me to give them a try too. So far I feel like they are a little on the rougher side but the surface area of each sheet is really wide - you only need one sheet to clean off an entire face of makeup!


Those are my first drugstore makeup & skincare purchases in the US! Pretty excited to share about these with all of you guys who read my blog. Hope my reviews have been helpful and if you've got any questions leave me a comment and I'll get to them.

Catch you guys in the next post,

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