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by - 30 November

--- N E W Y O R K 2 0 1 7 ---

This was honestly my * d r e a m * trip and I want to remember it in every way possible. Here I am, starting off with an outfit diary because O absolutely loved every outfit that I wore on my 4 day trip.

Day One was just flying from Toronto to NY so I'm gonna give that a miss.

Let us start with:

Day 2

On this day we visited the Statue of Liberty, Wall Street, Times Square and Soho.

top: taiwan
jeans: h&m

I was in love with this mustard blouse the moment I saw it. It was my first purchase in Taipei prior to flying to the US. I wanted an effortless off-duty look which is why I paired it with my trustiest pair of  mom-cut jeans.

jacket: cheep vintage

When it got a little chillier I threw on this brown vintage jacket that I've been getting lots of compliments on instagram and it's definitely an old favourite from my days in Perth.

It's an oversized one that honestly was more for style rather than warmth because it wasn't super thick but I love it nonetheless. Thankfully it was a warm weekend while we were in New York, which was why my clothes sufficed.

Day 3

On this day we went to Top of the Rock, The High Line, Chelsea Market and the 9/11 Memorial.

top: taiwan
jacket: cheep vintage
jeans: h&m
shoes: nike air max thea

This was a denim on denim day. 

Denim on denim is a trend that I have fondly endorsed whenever i'm travelling because there's so much personality to the look. 

This denim jacket that I'm wearing was thrifted as well, which gave it an extra edge - plus it's oversized too. You see my obsession with oversized outerwear now.

The blouse i wore was a striped navy and brown one which I absolutely adore. It's definitely one that you can dress up or down and adds class to any look.

Day 4

We visited Brooklyn on this day - Manhattan Bridge, Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park and Flatiron. 

top: taiwan
jacket: cheep vintage

There's no surprise that I went for a denim on denim combination that day as well. But with a different top it seems like a completely different look. 

jeans: h&m
shoes: nike air max thea

You've probably noticed by now, but yes I wore the same pair of jeans for the entire trip! 

When you're travelling, you'd really want to be travelling light. But as we know, denim can be one of the heaviest material to carry along and if I were to bring along three different pairs of jeans for all three days, there'd be no space in my luggage for anything else. *haha*

I guess a tip would be to just stick to a good pair of jeans but switch up your tops and jackets to create different outfits for each day. :)

Okay back to the outfit - I am completely obsessed with this top! First up look at those sleeves - the trumpet sleeve trend is something I'm pretty late on, but am loving regardless. If you didn't notice, there's a tie around the collar of the blouse too. So we have the option to tie it up in a bow or leave it hanging with a simple knot. 


We spent a short 4 days in NY but it was the most memorable trip no doubt. I loved every minute of it - will be working on more content for my blog in the mean time (plus I just got back from LA and SF so more on that trip too).

Thanks for reading as usual!

Till the next,

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