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by - 01 November

Hey there!

I seem to always start my posts with "it's been awhile since I updated" but I stopped myself in my own tracks this time (hurray).

Back here for a lil catch up sesh on what I've been up to - I would like to say that I have lots of content planned but I only have lots of content, but they are not yet planned.

Niagara Falls, Ontario | October 20th, 2017

Downtown Toronto, Ontario | October 21st, 2017

First update, I'm currently in the states! Or more specifically in a lil campustown called Urbana-Champaign. This is where Ben is currently on exchange at, and it's also where I'll be spending most of my time in the US.

For the past two weeks, it has been non-stop travelling and that has been really fulfilling. We started off at taipei (we meaning Ben's parents and I) for about 5 days, before flying to Chicago on a 13 hour flight and staying there for a night. The following day we departed for Champaign (which is where I'm at now) to pick Ben up before driving back to Chicago again.

And the next day we flew to Toronto! We stayed with ben's relatives for the next 4 days before jetting to New York for another 4 days. Then finally we flew back to Chicago to explore the city, before ben's parents went back home to Singapore.


empire state building from top of the rock
manhattan, new york | October 24th, 2017


grand central terminal
manhattan, new york | October 22nd, 2017

manhattan bridge
dumbo, brooklyn | October 25th, 2017

You're probably thinking, wait is that all we're getting? Fret not dear friends, I'll be doing more in-depth posts of the different places I went to in the future. This post is kinda to give myself some warm-up in writing since I haven't done up a post in so long.

Catch ya lovers again soon,

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