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by - 15 May

Haven't put together a trend related post in awhile so I thought what better time to do so than right now, which is right smack in the middle of Spring ~

#1. Dainty Reds

One trend that I've been seeing are these dainty white dresses with pops of red that resembles wild flowers sprinkled across grassfields. I love how Jenn's take on this trend - paired with a red jacket that accentuates the red stars and her signature berets.


Tess' take is probably my favourite out of the two because
I can never say no to a denim jacket pairing! The magic is in that it can create such a chic look with minimal effort. This entire outfit consists of basically a dress and jacket combo - yet it's so eye catching and would definitely turn heads.


#2. Gingham

Zara is flooded with Gingham pieces and I am honestly not complaining one bit! Well, maybe besides the price tag on these beauties but I'll let that slide for now. Got this photo off the Zara website and *gasp* I really want one of my own! I don't have anything like it in my wardrobe, but it does remind me of the types of dresses my mum would get me to wear when I was a toddler and most of them are Gingham pink dress which, looking back are pretty cute!

(zara website)

Olivia's top is also from Zara and doesn't it look stunning on her? This entire look - I'd totally die for! I'm usually not one for a tube top per se, but it looks beautiful paired with a dainy necklaces and a top knot bun.


#3. Floral Out Loud!

Another trend I envision creeping up on us is loud floral prints. To some, it may give us grandma vibes but this May I think it's gonna be a big hit for fashion enthusiasts. Lily's romper from For Love and Lemons, really hits the trend right on target. With a black base, the flowers get to stand out more and in this mess of petals somehow there's harmony.


Day time wear or even for evening wear - this trend covers it all! Andrea's take on this is a beautiful highlow dress with a deep v neckline, creating a mystical aura around her entire look.


This concludes my post about this month/ season's show stopping prints/ styles, I can't wait to get my hands on these items!

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