be kind to animals

by - 23 May

So today's post is a little spur of the moment one, about a topic that is very very close to my heart.

Last night I saw a very cruel news about animal abuse in my very own country and that shook me.

Generally I avoid coming into contact with such news because I take them very personally and I carry this weight with me for a long time.

However, I happened to be watching the news with my dad and this terrible one came up.

I can never ever comprehend why people would choose to inflict harm and pain to others, especially animals when they are docile, sweet and loving. I would say it is a different situation if you were being attacked by a wild animal, but if not, why would you even consciously choose to hurt another living creature?

We are all children of this planet and no one has more right than another to live. I prayed last night that all the animals who had to die or were hurt by cruel human beings get to go to heaven and be at peace. I continue to pray for there to be a spark of kindness amongst people who have done such terrible deeds to reflect on their actions and never do it ever again.

This continues to weigh down on me but I will pray harder for the day where people don't do such horrible things to animals.

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