positive words

by - 24 April

inspired by a person who always uses words with positive connotations instead of negative ones, aka my love.

Ben and I met for dinner that evening and when we left, Ben said that the place we met at was equally near for the both of us.

Honestly, I wouldn't consider Buona Vista to be near for myself - if I were the one saying this sentence I would've said equally far.

But in that moment it struck me, the power of words and how the choosing to use a positive one can really make a difference in whether you're sounding appreciative or whether you're actually complaining. I also noticed how Ben tends to use lots of positive words in our conversations whereas I'm usually using negative ones (which is so bad but at least I notice now so I can make conscious changes to this). Being aware of what you're saying and letting out into the world is something so minuscule but at the same time can bring about huge changes. 

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