by - 09 March

my favourite month, my birthday month.

This month I'll be turning 21! Our 21st birthday seems to be the most momentous and significant one of all. So, this shouldn't come as a surprise that I'll be holding a 21st party this year which I am beyond excited for.

Life has been a good mix of home time, work, friends and ben. As we get deeper into the year, I'm getting more in tuned with my creative and artistic side. I started doing some edits of pictures that are different from what I usually do, and I've really been enjoying it.

This month I kicked off my internship at my dad's company and it's really a step out of my comfort zone as I've never worked in an office before. It was a good step - I have learnt many things in just the short amount of time I was there for each week. I'm also still continuing on with my part-time job at TCL and just received my first pay! So happy about the fact that I'm finally earning some income and can save up for my future travels.

There are so many things to look forward to and I'd like to remind myself, and anyone who reads this, that life is gift and an adventure, so take flight and don't hold back in fulfilling your dreams ~

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