"in a daydream" - my 21st

by - 27 March

The big day finally came and gone - and it was really exactly as I hoped it would be! My party was on the 18th, and my actual birthday was on the 24th.

It's already 27th March today and I'm officially an adult (who honestly will never be able to get rid of my child-like aura for all of eternity - am I exaggerating a little? maybe not)

I just wanted to make a post about these two special days so I can keep every little detail I remember in black and white for me to look back on in the years to come. So, I'll start off with the day of my party.

(i) 18.03.2017 

Firstly, I love love loved my outfit on that day. I've been reserving this dress for a special day and it was really worth the wait. I got it in Seoul when I visited last July and it's been sitting in my closet till the 18th. the entire set up of my birthday backdrop took almost 2 hours and a whole lot of problem solving skills to get it to look the way it does now. 


I couldn't stop smiling that day. this was literally my face for the entire 3 hours of my party hehe. back tracking a little, Ben and Jiayu came early to help me set up whilst my parents and grandparents went to pick up my birthday cake (WHICH IS SO BEAUTIFUL I'LL SHOW YOU GUYS LATER). they got back just before 1 and all of us were struggling with blowing the balloons - it's a tough job. But grandma came and basically blew all the remaining balloons in a blink of an eye. So I guess it really wasn't that tough after all oopsies

The guests started arriving quarter past one and I remember Jaydee and fam were the first to arrive! After the first few people were here, the rest of my guests just started piling in and I didn't get the chance to finish my food because I was getting too excited, as you would expect from me basically. 

Everything went by in a blur after that - I was prancing from table to table talking to everyone, trying to make everyone comfortable. I think everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and the company of the people around them which made me happy. Also, there were pictures of me being played on the screen - from when I was a baby till now, which provided a good laugh to some of my friends who were featured in the pictures since most of them have been in my life for a good amount of time. We've all grown so much and  I feel that it made my party extra special by having this little touch of our memories together. I also had music that I liked playing in the background which really set the ambience and mood of the afternoon - making in lighthearted and heartwarming. 

Soon it was around 2.30pm and time to bring out the cake!

LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS IT IS! I got my cake from Zeexelle (and the people there are absolute gems!) I really loved how the colour palette was as I envisioned and the flowers they chose actually resembled clouds which corresponded with my theme perfectly. I still can't get over how pretty it is and also it tasted so so so amazing. For my top tier I had Vanilla and Salted Caramel, and the bottom tier was Earl Grey - they went so well together and I really couldn't have asked for a better cake! I feel like I can go on and on about how great this cake is but I'll stop myself here.

Continuing on, it was phototaking time and I'll just let the pictures do the talking for this party.

my precious one who really put in so much effort for the entire month of March in order to make my 21st so memorable and special :')

my beloved family 

special shoutout to my mum and sis for flying back to sg from melbourne just for the weekend to celebrate my birthday 

my little sister 

who put so much time and effort into my 21st present (which is the photobook on the table)! 
it's so thoughtful and unique 

ben's family!

 my pals who've been with me since my literal foetus days - 21 years and counting x

my precious friends who have been by my side since year 1 and honestly are my greatest support in all of life's struggles throughout the years 

(and with some of our s/o too!)


who's been in my life since primary school and was my closest friend back then hehe 

fate really brought us together
Jiayu - who knew you could make such good friends from work and continue the friendship even after both of us quitting the job 
Eli - my good friend in primary school as well! we lost touch after graduating tao nan, but because she's Jiayu's close friend we manage to get back into contact 
(and Eugene - Eli's bf)

Chengwen - a true gem since our choir days! 

Eunice - also a friend from our choir days that I managed to meet up with after not being in touch for awhile 

TCL friends! 
happy to have met such lovely people from work 

After all the photos were taken, everyone gathered around to sing Happy Birthday for me. It was really heartwarming to see everyone that are a big part of my life in someway all standing next to each other. It was a joyous few minutes of singing and me dancing around apparently because I guess I was really that happy hehe.

That's me happily swaying around haha

Almost forgot about making a wish but glad everyone was there to remind me hehe

Too excited about blowing the candles

And a final one of me cutting the cake :)

That concluded my 21st party - it was truly memorable and really one of the best days of my life. I will really treasure the memory of that day as well as everyone who was there to celebrate it alongside me. Thanks to everyone for coming and for your love over the years you've known me. There's a place in my heart for everyone of you - I really am so grateful.

(ii) 24.03.2017

The actual day of my birthday! It started off at midnight with the biggest surprise ever. Ben called me around 11+ the night before and wanted to countdown with me which I was really happy about. But when I actually picked up the call he told me to look out my window and I really was too stunned to think about what it meant. So when I opened my blinds and saw that he was outside with a bouquet of roses and baby's breaths (my absolute favourite flowers) as well as a slice of mango crepe cake, I really almost cried. 

I ran downstairs (in my pink cow pjs) and surprise surprise I saw both Ben's parents outside as well with their phones recording the whole thing hehe. A little embarrassed that I'm greeting them in my pjs but most shocked by what is going on. I couldn't stop smiling once again (what's new) and invited them in. Ben's parents left after awhile and Ben stayed over and also spent my birthday morning with me.

He got to countdown to 12 midnight in person with me and also brought absolutely thoughtful gifts that he got for my for my birthday. I really have nothing but love for my precious boy and the entire morning was so lovely. Ben had to go to school for class in the afternoon so he left after we had lunch (duck rice yum). I rested at home for a bit and got ready to meet him in the evening for my birthday dinner. 

Ben made a reservation at Pasta Brava (I didn't know where we were going till we were there hehe) and the food was so good! I loved the ambience and as I told Ben, making reservations felt very adult-like - my first adult experience hehe. We then went to iLight after dinner and enjoyed the atmosphere there before heading home around 10. It was a really long day for the both of us but our hearts were full and we were really happy.


Thinking about both of these days really brings a smile to my face and a whole lot of appreciation to Ben and everyone in my life. I really want to live every day to its fullest and make myself and my family proud. 

Let's strive to be better each day and to always have a heart of gratitude and love for every little thing in life. 

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