life after college: adulting 101

by - 19 January

2017 is the year where I am officially a graduate and where the title of being a student no longer applies. A little anecdote from today: I had the dilemma when I was filling in a form. Usually when I see the blank for occupation, I would write "student" with no hesitation. However, it's slowly sinking in that I'm not a student anymore *reality check**gasps*. After 11 February I would be a graduate. How crazy is that? Especially when all my friends and my boyfriend who are the same age/ older are still halfway through their degrees.

Everyone around me has now started their new semester and are back into their study routines - except for me. I feel a little lost and I feel like I should be doing something too. They say, they wish they were still having holidays like me; which honestly would be what I would be saying to myself if I were having classes. But I find that there's a slight difference between a holiday with an end, and a holiday with no end because there's no more studying to go back to. It kinda stresses me out because I know I should be starting work or making sound decisions about my life from now on. Yet, I'm sitting at home waiting for something to happen.

I am being proactive by searching for internships/ part time jobs. And it's been hard. I thought that it would be a smooth start and search to finding a job but boy, is it challenging. I was given false hope, or not even getting a reply from the places I applied to. However I am reminded that the most important thing is to have faith and not give up. Being an adult is hard and it's kinda obvious - I miss studying. I truly enjoyed learning and making notes; now I feel kinda like a slob. Is that what being an unemployed adult is like? *sighs* 

This probably sounds a little melodramatic but isn't that what your twenties should be like? Full of inspiration, aspiration and have a little princess-like sigh once in awhile. Does being in your twenties automatically makes you an adult? My parents want me to become one, while I'm still happy being a child. I guess it's such a grey area isn't it.

There's no one rule or route to becoming an adult; adulting is just trial and error mostly till you get somewhere somehow. I am going to believe in myself and in my life. I shall embark on this journey with an open heart and a inquisitive mind. Oh yes, I saw something that really motivated me yesterday, which goes something like:

"The magic is in the execution. You're way more ready than you realise."

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