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by - 09 December

One of my favourite things about coming back to singaoire and its warm climate, is that I can wear spring/ summery clothes. And so, I thought I might just make a post compiling some trends I find myself turning to and pieces that I am dying to get my hands on.

#1: Wrap Dresses


Gotta say that I am so glad I got myself one of these when I visited Melbourne. Mine's in a blush pink shade and I can't wait to wear it. I love that it ties around the waist, giving an illusion of a smaller waistline and the wrapping provides layers to an otherwise simple dress. It's also versatile regardless of the occasion and in my opinion is one item that would become a staple in many closets. 

#2: Front Tie Blouse


I'm equally in love with this trend as the previous one. Apart from the similarities in of having something to tie around the front, there's an effortless flair to it that I really adore. It's elegant, classy and can easily bring a casual outfit into something that's looks pretty high-fashion.

#3: Silk, silk and more silk!


Absolutely loving how it looks when silk falls on our bodies. My mum would argue that it looks like lingerie but I feel like there's a reason it's in vogue and to me it's the softness it brings to any silhouette, which might make it a trend to stay. 

I feel like these are simple and undemanding pieces that you can easily throw on but look like you've spent a good amount of time on curating your ensemble for the day. These trends really grew on me overtime and I found myself drawn to these cuts and materials whenever I'm out shopping. It seems like my December looks are gonna be easy and breezy.

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