surround yourself with

by - 04 November

people who lift your spirits, people who inspire you, people who see the goodness in you.

positive people, kind people, compassionate people.

I'm writing this post on a Friday night, after my last Soka small group meeting in Perth. As my journey in the beautiful west coast draws to an end, so does many of the relationships I've built with the people I met through my time here. These people aren't friends, they are more than that. We share the same faith, and that is something I've grown more connected to through my time here. The Buddhism I practice isn't as widespread in Perth as it was in Singapore, but for some reason the connection I've established with Soka members here are so real and I truly feel like we are one big SGI family.

The reason I decided to pen down my thoughts tonight is because I realise the importance of having the right people around you. After every Soka meeting, I always feel refreshed, inspired and that I can truly do good in this world. It was because through such meetings, we are encouraged by the struggles others have experienced and we share our own stories in hopes of doing the same. 

I am humbled by their encouragements, which boosts my self-esteem and motivates me to become a better version of myself. Without such interaction, I guess it would take a huge amount of determination to revaluate oneself in hopes of improvement. Self-improvement is so very important in my opinion. To constantly grow and better ourselves, is ultimately what leads to a better society and a better world. 

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