a good deed a day

by - 17 October

It has been quite some time since I last posted but boy have I been having a hectic few weeks. Since my last post, I've:

  • attended the Fashion Council Morning Tea;
  • had an Auditing mid-sem;
  • spent a week in Melbourne;
  • attended a fashion show (Ignite by Chaynika); and
  • completed the mad rush to submit 3 reports in one week.

It was busy, but it was also fruitful.

Back to why I'm doing a random post, I just wanted to pop by quickly to note down something rather special that happened today.

I was on my daily walk as always and as I was walking I saw the cutest little dog run out from a house and down towards me on the pavement. I thought that the owner must be around but I realised the dog wasn't leashed. It was a silky terrier and I couldn't help but squat down to pat the little angel. But as I played with it I was worried that it may have ran out of its home so I decided to walk down a couple of houses to check if anyone's left their door unlocked.

It was about 3 houses down where I saw a car that was parked outside a house with the garage door closing. And I thought this must be it. I'm usually relatively shy and wouldn't talk to strangers but it would stay on my conscience if I didn't check if the dog belonged to the man in the car. He was already sitting inside getting ready to leave but I went up to his window and caught his attention. He got out of the car and I checked with him if he had a dog. He asked me if it was a little fluffy one and I said yes I think your dog must've ran out of your house. Thankfully the little one was still in sight and we went to get her. (I later found out that her name is Amber and she's 10 years old. Bless.) 

He was so thankful that I saw Amber and told him about it. This really made my day. The fact that I could help this man get his dog back and prevent another dog from becoming a stray struck a chord in my heart. It might not be a huge deal to some but to me, it was something really special and I literally hopped all the way home.

Anyway that's about it for my story time but I just wanted to keep a memo of what happened today.

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