by - 21 September

I started off with the title of uninspired and then changed it to drought. But as of right now I feel as though I've made it past the drought and I'm here feeling inspired, motivated and accomplished. And so, I've changed my title yet again to post-drought (sorry for the lack of a more creative title).

This month in general has been and will continue to be hectic - with mid-semester tests and assignments thrown at me as well as a week away in Melbourne (which I'm really looking forward to). I surprised myself by handling my work load better than expected and I seem to be meeting my deadlines (yippee!). I'm currently 80% done in two of my group assignments and 50% done in my individual assignment. I made it past all my classes this week and have the remaining few days to finish up on these assignments and study for my mid-semester test that's on this Saturday, which also happens to be the day mum and I will be jetting off to Melbourne.

In the midst of all these, I have a Fashion Council Networking Morning Tea to attend on Friday morning, and have to get my cat's accommodation sorted out - all in 3 days' time. I am still slightly amazed at my lack of emotional outburst that usually would happen when I'm stressed but it seems like I'm handling my stress quite well this time round.

I'm still uncertain about which category I'm sitting in but I'll just appreciate my momentum in clearing out my to-do list and continue on full speed ahead. Go me!

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